What does the Commission do?
We are very active cataloging and researching historic homes and structures in order to get a better sense of the range of assets that are within the Town of Canton. In addition, for the past several years we have been working closely with the Department of Public Works to preserve the ancient gravestones at the town owned Canton Corner Cemetery. Also, we oversee the Demolition Delay Bylaw which allows for a six-month waiting period before privately owned buildings can be demolished if they have been determined to be architecturally and/or historically significant. Finally, we assist the Community Preservation Committee in reviewing projects that fall into the historical project category for grant applications. We also work to educate the public on historic and archeological sites within the Town of Canton.

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1. What does the Commission do?
2. How are members chosen for the Commission?
3. What is the difference between the Historical Commission and the Historical Society?