Why is it important?

The Canton Master Plan is important because it is used by local officials to guide their decisions, which impact our quality of life. Through the Master Plan, we clearly state what we love about living in Canton, what needs more support to strengthen its vitality and longevity, and what should be transformed to meet our needs as a community. A master plan is important because it affects your everyday life now and for years to come.

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1. What is the Canton Master Plan?
2. Why is it important?
3. Do we have a Master Plan, and why does it need updating?
4. Did the Town complete any of the actions in the 2004 Master Plan?
5. How will the 2004 Canton Master Plan be updated?
6. How long will this Master Planning process take?
7. Who is on the Canton Master Plan Steering Committee (MPSC) and what are their responsibilities?
8. How can I get involved?