Do we have a Master Plan, and why does it need updating?

In 2004, the Town of Canton adopted its current Master Plan. Once used by decision-makers to develop local policies and make local investments, several goals and objectives are outdated and no longer express current needs around capital and infrastructure improvements. Over the past 13 years, the Town has been successfully implementing many of the recommendations within the 2004 Master Plan, however, baseline data within the plan need to be updated to reflect current conditions and circumstances in and around Canton. Further, a lot of development has occurred since 2004, including new large-scale development in Westwood (University Station) and the approval of the Paul Revere Heritage Site (Plymouth Rubber site). These developments need to be factored into Canton’s future. The Town has also completed and is currently undertaking several studies  and initiatives that are impacting local policies not reflected in the 2004 plan. These include the Housing Action Plan (2015), Open Space and Recreation Plan (anticipated completion in 2018), and Complete Streets Prioritization Plan (2018). The 2004 Master Plan also lacks direction for emerging issues such as climate change, renewable energy and energy efficiency, and the link between community planning and public health, which have town-wide implications.

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1. What is the Canton Master Plan?
2. Why is it important?
3. Do we have a Master Plan, and why does it need updating?
4. Did the Town complete any of the actions in the 2004 Master Plan?
5. How will the 2004 Canton Master Plan be updated?
6. How long will this Master Planning process take?
7. Who is on the Canton Master Plan Steering Committee (MPSC) and what are their responsibilities?
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