May I walk my dog on Conservation Commission properties?

Many people come to Commission properties such as Pequitside Farm or Windsor Woods to walk their dogs. It is Town Law that dogs must be leashed in Canton at all times on all town-owned properties. For the safety of all residents who wish to use this property, including those dogs who do not get along with other dogs, seniors, and families with small children, we are enforcing this town bylaw with fines starting at $25 per offense. If you see someone violating the Town of Canton Leash Law please contact Animal Control via Canton Police immediately at 781-821-5090.

We also require owners to pick up all dog waste and properly dispose of it in a trash receptacle.  While you may think that dog waste is ‘natural’, we have over 1,600 registered dogs in Canton and the volume of waste created by them is significant. Dog waste contributes to pollution of waterways and can risk public health. Many children use these properties for play, including our Summer Camp.

We thank you for pitching in to ensure Conservation properties are safe and clean for all who wish to use them! It really makes a difference. 

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