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ViewPoint Cloud Questionnaire

  1. User Information
  2. Do you review the property information?*
  3. Do you know how to Renew a permit/License?*
  4. Do you know how to export a report?*
  5. Are you able to create reports?*
  6. Do you require additional fields on a form?*
  7. Do you know how to add a task in the timeline?*
  8. Do you know how to enter a payment?*
  9. Would you like more training?*
  10. Do you know what the workflow process is for your department?*
  11. Questions about Online Applicants
  12. Would you want to allow online payments?*
  13. Do you want applicants to know the status of a license/permit?*
  14. Do you want to allow online applicants to create permits/license?*
    This is for departments that are currently not on-line with the public
  15. How would you rate ViewPoint Cloud 1-5 (best)
  16. Leave This Blank:

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